Street Photography with Harvey Stein

Learn how to document your environment and its people with renowned street photographer Harvey Stein.
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The street photographer is often considered one of our best resources for defining the mood and culture of a city. In this three-day workshop, participants will be asked to document various locations around DFW and the people who populate it. The workshop will address ways to make strong images that “take the pulse” of the city.

©Harvey Stein, 2018

Topics discussed include: what it means to photograph strangers and strategies to approach them, methods of overcoming shyness, and ways of controlling light and exposure in the street. Which lenses and cameras are best for street shooting, various lighting situations faced by the street photographer, and ways of posing and interacting with people will also be covered.

The workshop will consist of lectures, demonstrations, image presentations, critiques, and photographic field trips to various local areas and events where people congregate.

Students will be encouraged to use their intuition to explore areas both familiar and unfamiliar to them to expand their world view, and to participate in the drama of the ordinary. The objective is to make photographs that are personally meaningful and that increase each participant’s understanding of city life and public social behavior.

©Harvey Stein, 2015

Any photographer who wants to hone their street photography skills. The three-day workshop format offers the chance to work at an intensity and depth that are often hard to manage with the distractions of daily life and work.

An opportunity to work with a renowned teacher and photographer and create some fresh and surprising photos of our city and its life. The participants in this workshop will come away with a greater understanding of not only how to improve their photographs but will also be inspired to find new ways to personalize their approach to bring greater meaning to their work and the experience of doing photography.

A technical, lighting or studio workshop. The emphasis will be on non-commercial location photography in the editorial, documentary style. There will be no instruction on the use of your camera or its features or in the basic use of your chosen editing program. You should be comfortable with your camera’s operation and familiar enough with your editing software to allow import, selection and export of your images. If you need some technical preparation or a refresher then please take the DCP DSLR Evening Classes, Beginner Full Day Workshop, Lightroom classes or equivalent training.

Energy, curiosity and a willingness to openly share your creativity and images with the others in the group. Gear-wise you’ll need your camera equipment and a hand held flash unit if you have one. You will not need a laptop for the class, but you will be asked to download and edit work at home for Sunday’s presentation and critique. There are no minimum requirements for camera style or model.

©Harvey Stein, 2015

  • This workshop is in collaboration with Texas Photographic Society.
  • This 3-day workshop is held at Dallas Center for Photography and various locations around DFW from Friday, November 8 to Sunday, November 10.
  • Early registration (ends October 11 at 11:59pm) is $675. Late registration is $725.
  • See below for workshop schedule.
  • Participants will provide their own transportation to locations.
  • For special requirements, please click the Requirements tab.
  • Minimum number required for workshop to make is 8. Maximum size is 13.
©Harvey Stein, 2015


Friday, November 8:
9AM to 12:30PM – Introductions of students and instructor. Discuss three-day schedule, activities, and logistics. Thoughts about portraiture and the documentary process. Portraiture as self-portraiture. Discussion of street photography. Methods of approaching and photographing strangers. Ways of overcoming shyness. Slide discussion of contemporary examples of street photography.

12:30PM to 1:30PM – Lunch (not included in workshop price)

1:30PM to 5PM – Shooting field trip to photograph people at various locations around DFW.

Saturday, November 9:
9AM to 11AM – Discuss Friday’s shoot. Discuss the use of flash outdoors

11AM to 5PM – Field trip to photograph an event in the area and the people of DFW. There will be time for a lunch break (not included).

Sunday, November 10:
9AM to 1:30PM – Discussion of Saturday’s shoot. Looking at two projects by Harvey. Class critique of photos from Friday and Saturday, 6 photos per day. Lunch is not included.

1:30PM to 4:30PM – Continue class critique. Discussions including environmental portraiture, use of filters, releases, etc. Final thoughts and review.

©Harvey Stein, 2012

This workshop is for intermediate/advanced amateurs and professionals who are serious and passionate about their photography.

There are no specific camera requirement for this workshop. You can contact us if you have any questions about what camera to bring. Film would be acceptable only if you have a way to process and scan each day’s photos and bring them in to be viewed electronically.

A laptop is not required in the classroom, but you will need to be able to import, select, edit and export files at home for the Sunday presentation and critique. You can use any software including Lightroom, iPhoto or others as long as you know your way around the software.

This workshop has special terms and conditions that supplement and/or replace the general terms found elsewhere on the DCP website.

The discounted early registration price is good until October 11. We must have a minimum of 8 participants by the early registration deadline for the workshop to make.

A $300 deposit is required to hold your seat. You’ll receive an email with a direct link to the payment page for the balance of $375 which must be received no later than 28 days before the workshop. Balance payments after that date will be based on the late registration fee. Your seat in the workshop is not secured until full payment has been made. 

If you cancel more than 45 days before the workshop begins then we’ll refund any payments made less a $150 processing fee. If you cancel from 31 to 45 days before the start date of the workshop we will refund all money received to date minus a $300 cancellation penalty. If you cancel less than 30 days before the start date of the workshop you will forfeit 100% of the total workshop fee. If you can’t attend you are welcome to send someone in your place. In some cases we may be able to find a replacement for your empty seat if the workshop is already sold out in which case you will receive a partial refund minus the $300 cancellation fee.

Dallas Center for Photography reserves the right to cancel a workshop at any time for low enrollment or for other reasons and will promptly refund all payments made to date. In the event of a workshop cancellation, DCP is not responsible for reimbursement of non-refundable airline tickets, hotel reservations and other travel arrangements. If you’re coming from out of town we recommend that you purchase travel insurance.

Harvey Stein

HARVEY STEIN is a professional photographer, teacher, lecturer, author and curator based in New York City. He currently teaches at the International Center of Photography. Stein is a frequent lecturer on photography both in the United States and abroad. He is the Director of Photography at Umbrella Arts Gallery, located in the East Village of Manhattan. He has also been a member of the faculty of the School of Visual Arts, New School University, Drew University, Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Bridgeport.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have cancelled or rescheduled all in-person classes, events and gallery shows. We are now offering online classes here and will be adding more soon!