Common Questions


I’d like to become a member and receive my workshop discount, how do I do that?
You must first complete the sign up process to purchase your membership and set up your member login. When you’re ready to sign up for a class or grab your free event ticket, you’ll be prompted to login during registration and then your discount will be automatically applied.

Can I let my friend or family member use my membership benefits?
No, memberships are non-transferable.

Can I get a refund on the purchase of my membership?
Memberships are non-refundable because of the immediate availability of exclusive discounts.

Can I change my membership level midway through the subscription?
Yes, but only to upgrade to a higher level. However, you will need to pay the full difference between the levels as we can’t pro-rate the membership.

As a member, do I automatically get a photo in the Members Only exhibition?
There will be a juried selection process so not all submissions to the Members Only show will be accepted. If you aren’t selected for a show, we encourage you to continue to submit as different jurors respond uniquely to photographs.

Do you have to be over 18 to become a member?
No and we have a membership plan just for you: our Silver-Student plan. To qualify, please send us an email through our contact form letting us know what school you attend and your expected graduation date. This applies to high school students, college students or anyone with a valid student ID from an educational institution.


Where are you located?
We are near I35 and Inwood, about 3 miles north of downtown Dallas, Texas. The street address is 4756 Algiers, 75207. You can see a Google map here.

Can I stop by and see the place?
You’re welcome to stop by when we have an exhibition in progress. Check our Exhibitions page for dates and times. Otherwise, please make an appointment. Thank you.

What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule?
Please check the current Cancellation and Refund policy on the Policies page. These terms will be presented on checkout and will be included in your emailed receipt.

What about parking?
For evening and weekend classes you can park in front on the street or in the adjacent lot at Electric Light & Power. Parking in front of the studio is limited during weekdays but there is a large, private lot in the rear of the building. Access is on Iberia St..

Which class should I take first? Where should I start?
The classes and workshops are tagged by their subject matter and the overall experience level suggested. If you’re trying to learn to use your camera then Camera Basics would be the place to start. If you’re comfortable with how to use the tools of photography and want to dive deeper into the creative end of the pool then one of the Software or Creative Intent workshops would be best. As always, if you have any questions just contact us.

What equipment do I need for a DSLR class?
Detailed information for class requirements are located in the tabs on each class page. Even though a big part of the DSLR classes is about general photographic concepts that apply to almost any camera, we will be concentrating on the creative use of Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras. This type of camera generally:

  • has a true reflex (through the lens) or video viewfinder
  • you hold it in your hand like, well. . . like a camera!
  • you can zoom and focus by gripping the lens barrel with your other hand
  • allows exposure control with traditional PASM settings (on some cameras A and S are referred to as Av and Tv)
  • has a hot shoe for external flash
  • starts up very quickly and has very short exposure lag time
  • will usually take interchangeable lenses

If you aren’t sure, send us an email with your brand and model number.

What if I’m still shooting film?
Many of the concepts taught in the DSLR Evening Classes apply to all cameras. If you’re shooting with a film SLR then you would still learn a lot about the basics. There are a few topics that apply only to digital. The Beginner or Intermediate Full Day Workshop aren’t recommended for film-only users since we shoot and edit digital images at the end of the day. If you’re using a film-based camera it may be best to sign up for one-on-one lessons.

Do you offer individual tutoring?
Yes. You can sign up for individual or small group instruction. Please see the details and pricing on the Individual and Small Group Tutoring pages and use the contact page to get in touch with us to set up a time.

What ages are encouraged to attend?
The classes are not based on age but on ability and curiosity. If you want to learn and a class outline looks interesting to you then chances are you’d benefit from the class. Children under 16 must take the class with a parent or adult friend.


Any recommendations for lodging for out of town visitors?
Glad you asked. We’re right on the edge of three major areas in Dallas; the Design District, Market Center and the Medical District. There are lots of reasonably prices hotels close by, perfect if you’re coming in for a workshop but none of them are really in a pretty or interesting neighborhood. If you want more environment you’ll have to go a little further away to the Cedar Springs area, Uptown, SMU or over to Oak Cliff. A good starting place would be this Google search.

Do I need a rental car if I’m coming in for a workshop?
If you’re signing up for a workshop with location shooting then yes. Dallas has a mass transit system but it serves certain areas and can’t really get you a lot of places you need to go. If you don’t need a car, then staying at one of the nearby hotels and using cabs or Uber would be the way to go.

What about restaurants?
Because of the rapid growth of the nearby Design District we have several good places to eat within a mile of DCP but there’s nothing within easy walking distance.