DCP runs the only community gallery in North Texas dedicated to photography. This space will give photographers of all levels a chance to share their images with the community. It will also foster an appreciation for photography as an art and storytelling medium among a broader audience, making real the power of photography as a communication medium. We think good photographs deserve to be shared in a physical space and not just viewed through a screen.

During exhibitions, the gallery will be open to the public several days a week with a staff member available to provide educational insight. To bring photography to younger audiences, DCP invites North Texas schools to visit our exhibits and learn more about the photographic arts.

Sacred Spaces : October 18 – November 2

Sacred Spaces – A Sharing through Photographs
Opening Reception: Friday, October 18, 6:30-9pm
Exhibition: October 18 – November 2
Hours: Wednesdays: 2:00-7:00pm; Thursday-Saturday: 11am-5pm

Photography has the unique trait of being an easily accessible art form that communicates well across boundaries and between cultures. DCP is exploring that ability in its first gallery exhibition. “Sacred Spaces: A Sharing through Photographs” is a project of the interfaith group Friends for Good consisting of members from Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Unitarian congregations in Dallas. The purpose of Friends for Good is to spark friendships between people who may not normally have a chance to spend time together to explore common ground. This photography project expands on the purpose of Friends for Good to increase communication and understanding among those of disparate faith communities.

The collection of photographs, taken by amateur photographers, provides a look into what people of different faiths consider a sacred space. Photography, like all art, is a form of expression, emotion and communication. The images in this exhibit are intimate and evocative, often challenging stereotypes and assumptions.

Traditionally, a sacred space is defined as a place of holiness, often designated by an official religious body. In modern life it can take on many forms and can be any place. The very act of photographing a sacred space can be an act of recognition and reverence. Locations can range from a temple, church or mosque to a park, a quiet nook, a favorite place in nature, or an everyday space in the home. Images in the “Sacred Spaces” exhibition are personal, not institutional, and convey not only a sense of the space but also share a little about the personality of the photographer. These images often evoke a spiritual connection rather than portray official emblems of religion.

“At a time when there is divisiveness and misunderstanding among groups of different faiths, “Sacred Spaces” gives us a personal view into the religious lives of our neighbors in North Texas,” says DCP Executive Director Peter Poulides. “The exhibition encourages gallery visitors to ask themselves, ‘What space would I consider sacred to me?’”

Harvey Stein : Mexico Between Life and Death : November 6 – December 3

Harvey Stein – Mexico Between Life and Death
Opening Reception: Wednesday, November 6
Exhibit: November 6 – December 3

As the first major exhibition in our new gallery space, DCP will display the work of internationally renowned street photographer Harvey Stein. His eighth and latest book Mexico Between Life and Death is a compilation of photographs taken during his fourteen trips to Mexico between 1993 and 2010. Stein brilliantly captures festival life in small towns and villages with themes of life, death, and religion.

In his own words, Harvey describes his experiences in Mexico: The images show fragments of what Mexico is, a country of incredible contrasts and contradictions. Mexico is about piercing light and deep shadow, of stillness and quick explosiveness, of massive tradition and creeping progress, of great religious belief but with corruption as a way of life. It is a land of pulsating life, a country so close to the United States yet so far away, a country with more than 50% of its population under 20 years old but where old age is revered.

Harvey will also be teaching a three-day workshop on street photography from November 8-10. You can find more information and register for this workshop here.

About Harvey Stein
Harvey is a professional photographer, teacher, lecturer, author and curator based in New York City. Harvey currently teaches at the International Center of Photography. Stein is a frequent lecturer on photography both in the United States and abroad. See full bio here.