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Through education, events, exhibitions and outreach, DCP is becoming a major center for photography in our region, building a community that brings together both creators and appreciators of the photographic arts.

DCP was founded on the belief that people with an interest in photography need a place to call home. Online communities are broad but can lack the depth and personal interaction that brings life to any creative art. Becoming a member of DCP supports our programs, connects you to the local photographic community and offers you benefits like access to exclusive members only events, special discounts and the opportunity to exhibit your work. Membership also supports the DCP gallery, the only photography-only community exhibition space in the region.

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  • Exclusive members only events include the Photo Show & Tell which gives members the opportunity to share and discuss their pictures in a social setting. The Group Image Critiques are a valuable resource for the growth of photographers at all skill levels.
  • As a member of DCP, you are eligible to receive discounts from several local partner companies including SONY, Frame Destination, Red River Paper, Competitive Cameras, Garland Camera, and Light and Motion.
  • From time to time we offer our members the chance to register early at a discounted rate on select classes and workshops as well as flash sales which are a great opportunity to learn a new skill or explore a different genre of photography.
  • You’ll receive a more detailed explanation of benefits with your membership packet.
  • All or part of your membership may be tax deductible depending on the value of services that you use. Please consult your tax professional.