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Our Board

Jill Blanchar – President

Jill started taking pictures at age 10 when she was given a camera for Christmas. She enjoys documentary photography and seeks out events to capture either around town or in her travels. Her work has been selected for exhibitions across the US. When Jill is not shooting, she is busy with her full-time job as a technology controls executive at a major financial institution. She holds a computer science degree and a masters degree in remote sensing. Jill is excited to support the DCP mission to welcome all lovers of photography and to give them a place to improve their skills or share their passion for the art.

Robert Moore – Treasurer 

A proud Texas native, Robert spent 37 years in the news, media and publishing business. He was a founder of the Voice Publishing Company,  serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered communities in Texas. In 2013 he left the company and his artistic focus is documentary and street photography. He has photographed in 43 countries including Iran, India, Myanmar, Japan, Vietnam, and the streets of Dallas.  In 2017, the Press Club of Dallas awarded him the Hugh Aynesworth Award for News Photography for his iconic images of the July 7, 2016 Dallas police ambush.

Robert has served on the boards of several nonprofits.

Winnie Huff

A lawyer for more than 30 years, Winnie understands the power of a photograph to challenge perspectives and influence hearts and minds. She also understands the unique role that nonprofits play in bringing visions to life as she has served as the president of a nonprofit devoted to educating professionals and the public about the benefits of collaborative divorce. As a child in Pennsylvania, Winnie started taking pictures and going with her journalist dad to the dark room to develop them. She is enthusiastic about growing a vibrant Dallas photography community.

Jo Mattison

A fine arts painter by trade, Jo Mattison includes photography in her artistic repertoire. After earning a BFA in college and a stretch as an interior designer, she began doing murals and trompe l’oeil on walls and ceilings, all the while photographing the processes and end results. Jo has taken many photography classes and workshops at DCP and has even won a contest there! Jo loves the idea of being able to give back in a way that includes the photographic arts. She believes there is an artist in everyone and wants to help others find a way to tell their stories through their own captivating images.

Julie Tidwell

Julie has always been passionate about animals and now loves spending time waiting, watching and photographing wildlife. Her career began as a photographer for her college newspaper while working towards her journalism degree. After college, she reported the news for television stations and worked closely with her videographers. She then spent several years as a professional fundraiser. Julie has been a student of DCP for several years and now incorporates her journalistic background to create visual stories. She’s looking forward to helping grow the region’s only photographic arts center.

Dick Washburne

Since 2003, Dick has exhibited work in a range of museums and galleries. Through 2009 he regularly contributed photography for numerous articles that appeared in D Magazine and other publications.  In 2010 Mr. Washburne joined the stable of artists who are represented by the Sun to Moon Gallery in Dallas, working exclusively as a fine art photographer concentrating on landscapes, abstracts and street shooting. He also teaches photography as an adjunct professor at Williams College’s winter intensive program. Dick is also actively engaged in the restaurant business as a director of MCrowd Restaurant Group.

Peter Poulides – Executive Director

Peter Poulides is the founder and executive director of DCP. Photography and Peter discovered each other when he was 13, having just moved to Athens, Greece. When his high school teachers wondered why he wasn’t in class, they knew to check the darkroom. Peter’s biology teacher was his first photography mentor and that teacher’s generosity and passion for helping a budding photographer came full circle when Peter started teaching 40 years later.

That’s the short story. In between, Peter earned a degree in TV & film production from UNT and worked as an educational video producer. A dream of being a travel photographer came into focus when he began shooting for Travel & Leisure magazine. That led to over a decade of assignments for national and regional travel and business publications, newspapers and corporations. His client list included: Smithsonian Magazine, Food and Wine, American Airlines, Forbes, Fortune, Business Week, New York Times, Exxon, Frito Lay and Texaco.

In the 90’s, with two small children, Peter wanted to stay closer to home. He transitioned to shooting stock photography and became a top selling producer for Getty Images. A creative detour took him deep into the world of motion picture special effects and industrial robotics.
In 2008 he started a little teaching on the side and soon became fully committed. Conversations with his son and daughter, who each chose education as a career path and were happy to school their dad, revealed a startling idea: that by teaching photography, Peter was having more of an impact on the art of photography than he ever had by producing images for publication.

Peter believes in the power of photography. He’s looking forward to expanding DCP by connecting with other photography centers, offering a wider range of classes, creating youth programs and opening the DCP Gallery in 2019 which will host ongoing exhibits of local to national photographers. He believes that good photographs deserve to be released from their smartphone glass cages and given physical form on a gallery wall, telling their visual stories to engaged listeners.