“I finally know what all of the buttons on my camera mean!“
— Megan Thomsen / Beginner DSLR / May, 2018
“So very professional!! Knew it would be informative, didn't expect it to be fun too!“
— Michelle Fingert / Beginner DSLR / April, 2018
“Peter was an awesome instructor and explained the material very well. I can't imagine improving on the class.“
— Troy Aikman / Beginner DSLR / February, 2018
“The bit about how ISO, shutter speed and aperture are related and how to calculate a "stop" were light bulb moments for me.“
— Taylor Green / Beginner DSLR / March, 2017
“Within the first ten minutes I learned more about my camera than the last six months of clicking random buttons.“
— Bonny Pan / Beginner DSLR / July, 2015
“For the amount of hands on practice, demonstration and information I thought the price was just right.“
— Doug Steele / Beginner DSLR / May, 2015
“It was interactive, hands-on and small class size. Money well spent.“
— Jenna Shoemaker / Beginner DSLR / April, 2015
“I felt as though I got my money's worth in the first two hours.“
— Holly Lynch / Beginner DSLR / April, 2015
“I had so many "ah-ha" moments where things just started to make sense. Great class!“
— Kyna Eberhardt / Beginner DSLR / March, 2015

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A complete introduction to the fundamentals of photography in four engaging and interactive classes.
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  • Mon. Mar 8, 2021
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    Expand upon your basic camera skills and learn how to create stunning natural light portraits with online instruction and an outdoors location shoot.
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    Learn the foundational approaches to composing a photograph and begin to shoot with intention.
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    Learn the basics of using your flash as a source of available light that will enhance the mood and quality of your images.
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