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Hey, that’s my architect!

Over the past few months I’ve been working on an expansion plan for The Spot Studio that would add a dedicated 2o x 50 ft upstairs classroom space. In my search for an architect I was very fortunate to be recommended to Mahbuba Khan. She has brought insight and creativity to a tough project and may be even more obsessed than I am about getting it just right. Today I found out that she was awarded Young Architect of the Year by the Dallas chapter of the American Institute of Architects. AIA announcement

Congratulations, Mahbuba!


Here are a couple of renderings of the proposed project. This room will be above the cyclorama wall and will be cantilevered out over the main studio space.






Meet Bob, the head of the studio.

This is Bob, the plastic head that hangs around the studio. We use him as a stand-in for roughing in lighting and as a focusing target in the classes and workshops. He’s pretty nice and is the least creepy of all the inexpensive mannequin heads I could find on Ebay. If you don’t believe me then try the search for yourself. Be warned; you won’t be able to un-see some of those heads once you see them. We tried having an expensive, realistic head in the studio a few years ago but it was just freaking everyone out.