Natural Light Portraits

Expand upon your basic camera skills and learn how to create stunning natural light portraits with online instruction and an outdoors location shoot.
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Natural Light Portraits is a three-part workshop that includes online instruction and on-location shooting at Vitruvian Park, along with an online image review. See below for more details. Please view our updated COVID policies and procedures here.

Photos of the people in our lives are often among our most prized and meaningful possessions. Portrait photography is a true art that memorializes the essence of a person in a moment of time.

This portrait workshop is for any photographer wanting to learn how to capture stunning portraits of people of any age. Whether you are a parent wanting to take better pictures of your own family and friends, a photographer looking to start your own portrait photography business or if you simply want to learn some great skills for taking better portraits, this workshop is designed for you.

The three-part workshop will start with an online class via Zoom where you’ll learn how to take your basic skills and apply them to create beautiful and stylish natural light images. The techniques apply to any age subject and will help you become a more versatile photographer.

For the on-location shoot, we will meet in-person outdoors at Vitruvian Park where we’ll practice what we’ve learned in the online class.

Before the third class, you will submit your images via WeTransfer. In the online image review, we will review students’ photos in a supportive critique and group discussion. We’ll end the class with a virtual gallery exhibit of everyone’s images.

You should already be familiar with your camera and comfortable shooting in Aperture Priority and Manual exposure modes, using single point focus mode and have a basic understanding of ISO, f-stops, depth of field, shutter speed and motion blur. If you’re a beginner (or have been shooting for a while but still aren’t comfortable with these concepts) you can take our Beginner Digital Photography series or Beginner Full-Day Workshop or some other equivalent training.

  • Which combination of exposure and shooting modes create the look you want to achieve for your portraits.
  • How to use available light and shade to create stunning images.
  • How to select backgrounds and environments to bring interest, emotion and fun into your photos.
  • How to find flattering and interesting perspectives.
  • Which lens(es) to choose.
  • Effective and age-appropriate techniques to create a rapport with your subjects.
  • How to create a personalized experience and look to compliment each subject’s personality and style.
  • How to use choice of clothing and posing to bring out the personality of your subject and make the images uniquely theirs.
  • Knowledge of your camera, settings and exposure modes. Our Beginner Digital Photography series and Intermediate Digital Photography series are recommended prerequisites.
  • A DSLR or mirrorless camera capable of Manual exposures.
  • Any lenses you want to use.
  • A handheld reflector if you have one.
  • An umbrella if it looks like rain, as well as sensible clothes and shoes you can easily move around in.

  • Cost per person is $225 early registration, $250 late registration.
  • All DCP members receive a discount on class registration! Not a member? Join now!
  • The class portion will be ONLINE via Zoom from 9:30am-11:30am on Saturday, April 2.
  • On-location shooting with the instructor will be outdoors at Vitruvian Park in the afternoon of Saturday, April 2 from 3:30pm-5:30pm.
  • The image review will be ONLINE via Zoom from 6:00pm-7:30pm CT on Monday, April 4.
  • Advance registration and payment is required.
  • Maximum number of students is 15; minimum number to make a class is 8.
How to submit your images for the image review:

Submit your images for the third class via WeTransfer. You don’t need an account or any login information. Just add your photos, enter our email address and enter your return email address. Hit Transfer and you’re all set. Your images must be submitted no later than 24 hours before the class starts.

Q: What is DCP doing to keep instructors and students safe during COVID?
A: The health and safety of our instructors, staff, and students is DCP’s top priority. You can view our COVID policy and procedures here. Masks are recommended but not required while indoors during a class.

Q: Where is the class and on-location shoot held?
A: The morning class will be online via Zoom. The on-location shoot will be outdoors at Vitruvian Park. The instructor will provide more details about meeting place and time.

Q: How will the online sessions be different from being in the classroom?

A: Like in the classroom, the online session is a demonstration class where you do not need to have your camera during the class. Attendees will be on mute but can ask questions through various methods on Zoom, such as the chat feature. If there is a specific question the instructor can answer those questions after the session has ended or by email.

We encourage you to use the video feature when you join the Zoom class! It will help us feel connected and engaged as a class, even though we aren’t all in one place. To use the video feature, you will need a webcam.

Q: Do I need to wear a mask for the on-location shoot?
A: Masks are not required while outdoors during the on-location shoot. You can view our COVID policy and procedures here.

Q: What do I need for on-location shooting?

  • Knowledge of your camera, settings and exposure modes. Our Beginner Digital Photography series and Intermediate Digital Photography series are recommended prerequisites.
  • A DSLR or mirrorless camera capable of Manual exposures.
  • Any lenses you want to use.
  • A handheld reflector if you have one.
  • An umbrella if it looks like rain, as well as sensible clothes and shoes you can easily move around in.

Q: Are there previous requirements for this workshop?
A: You should have a working knowledge of your camera settings including exposure modes, shutter speed, f-stop, white balance and ISO control. It’s recommended that you’ve already taken the DCP’s Beginner Digital Photography series or equivalent training.

Q: How will I know if a workshop makes or not?
A: If a class doesn’t make and has to be cancelled, you will receive an email no later than 2 days before the scheduled class date.

Q: What if I have to cancel?
A: If you cancel 3-7 days ahead of the scheduled date of the class, you will receive no refund or 50% transfer credit toward another similar class within 3 months of the cancellation date. There is no refund or transfer credit for cancellations within 48 hours of start time of the class or workshop. Full details on cancellations are on our Policies page.

Teresa Berg

Teresa Berg is a nationally recognized photographer and co-founder of Artists for Animals. She specializes in contemporary, artistic portraits for a sophisticated clientele. Additionally, she donates much of her time to animal and children’s charities.

Berg’s work has been featured on the CBS Early Show, CBS News Sunday Morning, The Today Show online, BBC Radio, The Dallas Morning News, The Toronto Star, Professional Photographer Magazine, Country Living Magazine, Reader’s Digest Magazine, Guidepost Magazine, Bark Magazine and numerous blogs.

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