Donate Now Photography is the language of modern culture. We hope you will join us in that visual conversation by supporting DCP with your donation and engaging with us to explore new skills, expand your knowledge, and share your art with others.

Our Donors

A special thank you to our Founding Donors who contributed $2,500 or more in our first year.


Winnie & Warren Huff

John Graham

Jill Blanchar

Peter Poulides*

Charles S. Thornton


Jo & Billy Mattison

Mary & Norm Hitzges

Julie Tidwell



Connie Martin

TACA: The Arts Community Alliance

The MCJ Amelior Foundation

Evy Kay & Dick Washburne


Deanna Centurion

Jacqueline Asplundh


Mehrnoush Amiri

Jonathan Selig

Up to $500

Amanda Neuhoff

Christine Cluff

Kathy Truett

Dick & Kim Stacey

Jillian Patrick

Charles Neuenschwander

William Dauer

Paul Sokal

Meg Roy


Transcend Motion Dance Company

John & Regina Dupree

SFMG Wealth Advisor

Dawn M. & Tate Martin

Rebecca Gruchalla

Paulette Deutman

Charles Williams

Cindy Murray

Mitchell & Susan Roy

Deborah Cole

Justin Schuler

Mary Tran

Lynn Martin

Ida Jane & Doug Bailey

Wiley Williams

Scot Miller

Sydney Harter

John Langmore

Claus G Roehrborn MD

Genevieve Darrouzet

Danielle Khoury

Auriel Garza

Carl Skinner

Loli Kantor

Haakon Donnelly

Becca & Stephen Darrouzet

Courtney Coleman

Robert Sherman

David Wolfe*

Megan Schroeder

Nancy Bateman & David Gray

Kelvin Spencer & Associates LLC


* In-Kind Donation