DCP Speaker Series: Robert Moore

Award winning photographer Robert Moore shares stories from his past in publishing and experiences from his current travel and street photography.

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Robert Moore: My (later) Life on the Street

Few photographers expect to become professionals and join the ranks of those who can make a living from their work. Most photographers simply want to progress from being the casual picture taker to being taken a bit more seriously – at least by themselves. Award winning photographer Robert Moore made that journey on streets around the world. Join us as he shares stories from his past in publishing and experiences from his current travel and street photography.


We all remember a face, a fleeting scene or an incident on the street that draws our mind back. As time passes we wish we could see it more clearly than as the faded memory it is becoming.

One of the great rewards of travel for me, be it to an unfamiliar culture or a walk on a downtown Dallas street, is to bring those faces, the scenes and incidents back in the camera. My photographs have a strong connection to the people who live in those places. These chance encounters fall into the broad genres of Documentary and Street Photography. I look for scenes that are just everyday life, yet call up an emotional connection, a human connection to a place. Without that connection, it may be a great picture, but it has no soul.

A single fan sitting in the vast expanse of the Cotton Bowl. The boats of Hindu worshippers arriving through the morning fog on the Ganges in Varanasi, India. A young man smoking, sitting alone in a train car while the activity plays out on the platform in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

All captured memories. Full of emotion. All gold to me.


A proud Texas native, Robert Moore is a photographer based in Dallas.

Robert spent 37 years in the news, media and publishing business. In 1984, he was one of the founders of Voice Publishing Company, focused on serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered communities in Texas. In 1998, he became sole owner and publisher, continuing in that role until 2013 when he left the company to devote more time to travel and photography.

Robert’s focus today is Documentary and Street Photography in locations around the world. He’s photographed in 43 countries including Iran, India, Myanmar, Japan, Vietnam, and the streets of Dallas.

His most recognized work was captured at home. On July 7, 2016, Robert photographed Dallas police officer James Dylan Smith during a mass shooting in which 5 Dallas officers were killed and nine other individuals were wounded. The images went viral and were published by numerous international news outlets and photography sites. The Press Club of Dallas bestowed to him the Hugh Aynesworth Award for Spot News Photography for his iconic work. He was previously honored by the Press Club of Dallas in 2015 with the prestigious Excellence in Journalism Award, dubbed the North Texas Legend Award, for “amazing accomplishments and contributions to our industry, our community and North Texas.”

To see more of Robert’s work, please visit his websiteInstagram or Flickr.

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