DCP Speaker Series: Jeremy Lock

DCP and Texas Photographic Society are honored to present an evening with Jeremy Lock, seven-time military photojournalist of the year.

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DCP and Texas Photographic Society are honored to present an evening with Jeremy Lock, seven-time military photojournalist of the year. Jeremy Lock will recount his experiences of directing his lens toward the elements of the world that many of us will never have the opportunity or even the desire to see firsthand. His images are beautiful, heartbreaking, provocative and devastating – sometimes all in the same frame.

Lock is not only an accomplished military veteran receiving the Bronze Star Medal for distinguished service in Iraq; his experiences as a seasoned photojournalist have led to his work being published in magazines, newspapers and books including National GeographicTimeNew York Times, The Washington Post among others. His work has also earned multiple awards from prestigious organizations including World Press Photo, National Press Photographers Association and Oasis.

He began his journey as a photographer after being “politely” asked to leave college and joining the Air Force. At a Combat Camera workshop, he connected with Mary Calvert, who would later become his longtime mentor. “She taught me that photojournalism is not about the photographer; it’s about the people you’re working with and, ultimately, the stories you tell,” Lock says.

Since being introduced to photojournalism over 21 years ago, Lock has extensively traveled around the world (over 800 hours in the air) to capture scenes of conflict and humanitarian relief. “My photographic journey is rooted in my ability to capture the essence and reality of humanity at its finest and at its worst,” says Lock. “I’ve captured everything from the hunt for Osama bin Laden, to the playful nature of our young military who are defending our freedom, and the plight of humans in search of food after the Haiti earthquake disaster.”

“Not only do I get to live my life, but I’ve been able to live the lives of those I photograph, even if it was just for a moment,” notes Lock. “I constantly want to share my experiences to remind myself and others that what I am doing is very important and the world needs to see it. I like to think the experiences haven’t changed me, but I know they have, and I’m thankful for that change. There is more to the world than what is outside your front door.”

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