DCP Speaker Series: Jennifer Spelman

Jennifer Spelman will show a wide range of work and share stories about her time in Cuba and how it has influenced the way she sees.

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Jennifer Spelman: 50 Trips to Cuba

In over 50 visits to Cuba Jennifer Spelman has been allowed to set complicated politics aside and instead develop friendships. Time spent with coconut farmers, ballerinas, fishermen and musicians have shaped her understanding that to be Cuban is to laugh, love and live deeply. Road trips across the island in wheezing 56 Chevy’s have taught Jennifer that Cuban’s greet adversity with ingenuity and patience. She’s grateful to call some of Havana’s best photographers and most dynamic storytellers dear friends. Their work is full of pride in being Cuban, masterfully timed, and generous with suggestions of humor and heart. Through their vivid stories Jennifer has come to appreciate the everyday maze of uncertainty Cubans gracefully navigate.

Her time across the island has had a deep influence on the way she sees. She’s more conscience about being present now. Jennifer understands that memorable street photography comes as the result of both careful strategy and surrender to serendipity. She allows more time to be sidetracked, for long coffee breaks and conversations with new friends. She moves much slower when making portraits and much quicker when working on the street now. The Cuba she has come to know is complicated, layered and generous. It’s been a beautiful challenge to attempt to reflect that in her imagery and is a pleasure to share about her time there.

Jennifer was also leading a 4 day workshop, Creating Compelling Portraits, at DCP from July 26-29.


Jennifer Spelman is a freelance editorial and documentary photographer based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is a fluid traveler and is equally at home in rural villages and cosmopolitan cities. A sensitive photographer of people, she strives to create images with energy and insight. Her clients have included Village Science, Seven Squared Media, The Heart Gallery, What Moves You, Sanjhi, and Sustainable Santa Fe.

Jennifer is a patient educator who has co-instructed with National Geographic Expeditions and taught workshops in Santa Fe, India, Mexico, and Cuba. She is thrilled to lead passionate photographers on ridiculously fun adventures around the world with the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.

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