Wendy Genender (Research Analyst) – One-on-One Tutoring – 291

Discovering Peter and the Spot Studio has been a true gift. I bought every book, searched online, offline and everywhere in between for an actual person to work WITH me (not just show or demonstrate) regarding what I am interested in (of course, I quickly figured out that I have much to learn). Peter has created an approachable way for professionals and amateurs (like myself) to dig deeper, practice, ask questions in a group or one-on-one setting. I prefer the solo instruction in that every time we meet (and I really wish it could be each week) I have specific questions or elements I’d like to tackle. What makes Peter a cut above is his ability to determine what it is I’m wanting to accomplish and then, miraculously, break it down into bite-sized, easy to understand bits and pieces. I’d like to say I get it all, even with notes, but inevitably I have follow-ups and because he actually has a talent for teaching (Peter’s not “just” a gifted photographer), he always acts as if we’ve never discussed a certain topic and we begin again. The proof is in my photographs, of course…and they’ve vastly improved…my goal has always been to take stronger images with the camera (and not rely so much on editing)…I have a long way to go (I’m told I’ve set a high bar) and look forward to each and every meeting. One last thing worth mentioning: the group classes are exceptional b/c they’re small, affordable, topical, interesting and fun; the privates can be an excellent follow-up, or opportunity to address something totally new. Peter is so great in that you can have a list of needs and he’ll work with you in a manageable way (with assignments, if necessary) or, you can leave it to him to suggest a way to learn, practice and grow, depending on your goals.