Eric and Halie O. (Real Estate Development & RN) – One-on-One Tutoring – 301

My wife and I recently did a joint tutoring session with Peter to learn more about our new camera and some of the basic (and more advanced) concepts of photography. We had read several books and visited with numerous people before, but those efforts seemed to be a waste of time compared to the time we spent with Peter. He was able to greatly simplify some very technical concepts in ways that we could understand and retain for practical applications. He made those introductory concepts so simple that we were also able to get into some of the more advanced aspects of photography that I never imagined we would discuss during our first session. He was also great at catering to our individual needs and photographic interests as opposed to just explaining photography in general. We both left with a great deal of confidence in our new found skill and had the added motivation of putting into practice all of the great things we had just learned. I would highly recommend the one-on-one tutoring for anyone looking to learn more about photography.