Photoshop Session: Selection Basics

Learn how to make selections feel natural in Photoshop using the Marquee tools, Lasso Tools and Color Selection tools.
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You’re an accomplished photographer, but you want to go beyond what Lightroom can do. You may want to create new art by compositing and combining multiple images or pull a landscape apart into pieces to separately affect sky, ground, and that awesome barn. It is all about selection.

  • We will quickly review tools and options you currently use
  • Discuss why one PS artist may prefer a specific tool over another for the same application
  • Revisit the Options bar for quicker and more accurate selections
  • Combine your milky way time-lapse with your dusk exposure of the foreground
  • Visit the Modify, Smooth and Expand/Contract options in unexpected places in Photoshop
  • Explore Adobe Sensei Object selection tool
  • Discover the sharpening slider adjustment mask

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive instructions on how to submit a few original images for the instructor to review. He may choose some of the submitted work for demonstration purposes in class.

  • Cost per person is $40 early registration, $50 late registration.
  • Login in to Zoom meeting at least 15 minutes before the class starts to become familiar with the program and work out any technical issues that may occur.
  • Class starts promptly at 6:00pm CDT and lasts no more than 1.5 hours.
  • Advance registration is required.
  • Maximum number of students is 20.

Q: What is Photoshop?
A: Adobe Photoshop is the de facto standard for faster graphic and photo image construction and manipulation. It is extremely powerful and layered and can be a necessary part of your skill set if you need total creative control over your images.

Q: How will the online sessions be different from being in the classroom?
A: Like in the classroom, the online sessions are demonstration classes where you do not need to have Photoshop open on your laptop during the class. We encourage you to watch the instructor during the class and practice what you’ve learned in your own time after the class.

Attendees will be on mute but can ask questions through various methods on Zoom, such as the chat feature. If there is a specific question to a specific project you may be working on, the instructor can answer those questions after the session has ended or by email. Class handouts will be distributed through e-mail.

We encourage you to use the video feature when you join the Zoom class! It will help us feel connected and engaged as a class, even though we aren’t all in one place. To use the video feature, you will need a webcam.

Q: Do I have to live in North Texas to take the online classes?
A: No! Have you always wanted to take a photography class with your friend or family member but you aren’t in the same location? This is the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill with a buddy near or far.

Q: How will I know if the class makes or not?
A: If the class doesn’t make and has to be canceled, you will receive an email no later than the day before the scheduled class date.

Q: What if I have to cancel an online class?
A: If you cancel 3-7 days ahead of the scheduled date of the class, you will receive 100% transfer credit toward another similar class within 3 months of the cancellation date. There is no refund or transfer credit for cancellations within 48 hours of start time of the class or workshop. Full details on cancellations are on our Policies page.

Steve McWilliams

Steve has over 30 years in film production and media creation and is known for his depth of knowledge and willingness to share his experience with others. Steve ran his own commercial production company whose client list included American Airlines, Garmin, Paramount Amusement Parks and numerous food and big box stores as well as banks, non-profits and hospitals.

He was a top selling contributor to Getty Images in both still and motion collections and ran a successful still portrait business with an emphasis on high quality images and deft retouching. He has extensive experience photographing flat and 3D art for Heritage Auctions and other clients. He is the inventor of the patented EyeDirect Focusing System product, used by hundreds of producers and camera people around the world.

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