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"It's The Journey" with Sam Abell

This unique travel workshop emphasizes the journey itself with a focus on the physical and emotional movement that carries us from one place to another.
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Join renowned photographer and teacher Sam Abell and a select number of fellow photographers for a three and a half day workshop at Dallas Center for Photography. Sam is widely regarded for the elegance, structure and precision he brings to his editorial and documentary photography. He brings those same qualities to his teaching, creating a positive and energizing experience for the participants.


The theme of this new workshop will be travel photography but with the emphasis on photos of the journey itself, the getting from here to there and the physical and emotional movement that carries us from one place to another. Sam has done a lot of traveling in his career and has collected images that focus on this aspect of the travel experience.

The topic applies to all types of journeys, from something as familiar as taking the train to work all the way to exotic travel overseas. Thinking of travel in this way opens up the in-between time that is often seen as drudgery or something to be minimized.




Day One:
Meet in the early evening at Dallas Center for Photography for introductions and portfolio reviews. Participants will show selected images from their portfolios in an open session while Sam offers constructive commentary. We’ll wrap up with a presentation by Sam of his own work, illustrating the thoughts and techniques that went into the making of some of his well known images as well as work tailored to the Travel theme.

Day Two:
Morning meeting at DCP for conclusion of the portfolio review and a lecture by Sam about how he works in the field. We’ll break for lunch and then meet up for a photography field trip in downtown Dallas.

Day Three:
Edit of previous day’s work followed by an open projection session critically dedicated to understanding–and improving upon–the new work. Location shooting.

Day Four:
Individual shooting assignments and final edit session with open critique.


Any photographer who is serious about their work and ready to take a more intentional and informed look at their own photography. You’ll receive feedback from others and have a chance to supportively offer the same.  You and the other attendees will grow in your understanding of the process that goes into creating memorable photos.

An opportunity to work with one of the best photographers and teachers in the business to hone your unique photographic vision around the theme of Journeys. Through field trips, edit sessions and individual critiques you’ll come away with a wealth of new ideas, deeper insight into your own work and a more descriptive vocabulary.

A technical, lighting or studio workshop. The emphasis will be on non-commercial location, natural light photography in the street-shooting/editorial/documentary style. There will be no instruction on the use of your camera or its features or in the basic use of your chosen editing program. You should be comfortable with your camera’s operation and familiar enough with your editing software to allow import, selection and export of your images. If you need some technical preparation or a refresher then please take the DCP DSLR Evening Classes, Beginner Full Day Workshop, Lightroom classes or equivalent training.

Energy, curiosity and a willingness to openly share your creativity and images with the others in the group. Gear-wise you’ll need your camera equipment, laptop and editing software. Lightroom is preferred but you can use any program you like as long as you already know how to import, select and export images. There are no minimum requirements for camera style or model.

There is a maximum of 15 seats available for this workshop.

This workshop is for advanced amateurs and professionals who are serious and passionate about their photography. In order to maintain a minimum level of aesthetic and technical proficiency in the group, each applicant is required to submit a portfolio for review.

This is not a commercial portfolio review and you by no means need to be a professional to apply. We are interested in your personal, creative work. We require these reviews to help identify people who work in a completely different style than what Sam teaches. For example, someone who only shoots architecture or senior portraits may not be a good fit for a workshop on Travel and Journeys, unless they also had personal work that reflected those topics.

Either before or after registering for the workshop, submit 20 images according to these guidelines:

  • Images must be JPEG, maximum 1200 pixels on the long side
  • Filenames must contain your first and last name
  • Submit via a personal website, photo site or use Dropbox, Google Drive, YouSendIt or a similar file sharing service

Your space in the workshop is not guaranteed until you are registered and the DCP staff has reviewed your portfolio. If we feel that this workshop is not a good fit, we will provide a full refund of all payments received to date.

This workshop has special terms and conditions that supplement and/or replace the general terms found elsewhere on the DCP website.

The early registration fee is $885. We must have the minimum of 10 participants for the workshop to make. Late registration fee is $975. Registration and payment do not guarantee a space in the workshop until the portfolio review is complete. See Requirements tab for submission details.

If you cancel more than 30 days before the workshop begins then we’ll refund any payments made less a $100 processing fee. If you cancel from 15 to 30 days before the start date of the workshop we will refund all money received to date minus a $300 cancellation penalty. If you cancel less than 15 days before the start date of the workshop you will forfeit 100% of the total workshop fee.

Your space in the workshop is not guaranteed until you are registered and DCP staff has reviewed your portfolio. If we feel that this workshop is not a good fit, we will provide a full refund of all payments received to date. The cancellation policy still applies even if you are not yet approved for the workshop.

DCP reserves the right to cancel a workshop at any time for low enrollment or for other reasons and will promptly refund all payments made to date. In the event of a workshop cancellation, DCP is not responsible for reimbursement of non-refundable airline tickets and other arrangements.

Sam Abell

Sam Abell’s forty-year career has been dedicated to achieving artistic expression through documentary photography. He has pursued his goals primarily through lengthy, in-depth assignments for National Geographic, where for thirty years he was a contract and staff photographer.


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