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Robert Herman 1955-2020

Some of you may remember Robert Herman when he was at DCP for a street photography workshop and lecture in the summer of 2016. He died recently and below is a remembrance from Robert Moore, one of our board members who attended the workshop.

“I felt like a very vulnerable person. Photography was my intermediary between me and the world. I was trying to find peace wandering the city.”
Robert Herman
1955 – 2020

Street photography captures fleeting glimpses of the world we all wander. Robert Herman was a master of the street, especially in his hometown New York, but the peace he sought ultimately evaded him and he lost his battle with bipolar and depressive disorders when he took his own life on March 20, 2020.

Born in Brooklyn, as a youngster he worked as an usher in his parents’ movie theater and his years long exposure to cinema deeply affected his work. He studied film making at NYU in the 1970’s before turning to photography. The cinematic styling is evident in his work. Vivid colors. Engaging, recognizable stories.

Robert’s acclaim in street photography circles was cemented with his two books, The New Yorkers and The Phone Book.

The New Yorkers is a collection of work taken from 1978 to 2005. The Kodachrome images are a time capsule of an evolving city, painted in striking colors and making use of NY’s street light. The Phone Book draws from Robert’s travels around the world and was shot on an iPhone using the Hipstamatic App’s square format.

I was familiar with both books and signed up immediately when DCP announced Robert was coming to Dallas to teach a workshop in June 2016. It was a rich week. His passing reminds me that life can be as fleeting as our images.

Peace, Robert.